Highly-qualified Romanian seafarers of all ranks

Our seagoing personnel includes Masters, Chief Officers/Second/Third Officers, Chief Engineers/Second/Third Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Reefer Engineers and Technicians, Electricians, ratings and catering staff who are trained, licensed and certified.

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What we actually do?

Our crew database consists of approximately 8500 certified, highly-qualified Romanian seafarers of all ranks who have worked with multilingual and multicultural crews on board all major types of vessels, including passenger vessels, dry cargoes, bulk carriers, container carriers, oil-chemical tankers, gas carriers and ro-ro.All crew members are briefed properly regarding travel arrangements, the port agent's and the ship's details, drug/alcohol policy of the company and emergency procedures. They are also provided with all other essential information concerning their future employment such as salary, benefits in case of accident or death on board in accordance with P+I Club insurance.